Parking at CSCC

Parking at CSCC


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Your fine should be paid within 30 days.

Unregistered VehicleNo valid parking issued to the vehicle. Vehicles parked on CSCC property are required to purchase parking.$100.00
Obstructing/Prohibited ParkingVehicles parked or standing that block the safe flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This includes vehicles parked outside designated spaces or parked in two or more spaces, fire lanes, yellow zones, or other areas posted as no parking.$100.00
Parked in Restricted ZoneVehicles parked or standing in spaces or lots outside their permitted zones. This violation applies to students, faculty, and associates who park in improper zones, or areas posted as reserved, restricted, for specific vehicles.$50.00
Unauthorized Overnight ParkingAny vehicle parked in a CSCC controlled parking lot after campus is closed must have authorization from Parking Services at (614) 287-2323. Failure to receive pre-authorization may result in a citation.$100.00
 All State of Ohio Citations including handicap and traffic citations will be handled by the municipal courts, not CSCCUp to $500

The Ohio Revised Code requires vehicle operators to have a valid driver’s license, valid license plates, and proof of insurance.

Follow all traffic rules and regulations while on campus; failure to do so may result in citations issued by the CSCC Police.

Obey posted speed limit signs on campus and where not posted the speed limit is 15 mph. Campus roads are also pedestrian walkways; pedestrians have the right-of-way.

Vehicles parked on property controlled by CSCC must park in accordance with posted signage and restrictions.

All vehicles must be parked in designated areas in accordance with parking signs.